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In a country where poverty and violence stalk the streets, where corruption is rife and revolution is in the air, Uncle Sweetheart (John Goodman) has problems of his own. The two-bit hustler's creditors are closing in and they want their money... or his life. Uncle's only way out is to put together a benefit gig - for his own benefit! - and helped by his partner in crime, Nina (Jessica Lange), he springs fading rock star Jack Fate (Bob Dylan) from jail to top the bill.
Embittered journo, Tom Friend (Jeff Bridges), is sent to cover the concert and immediately finds himself caught up in a world of political intrigue, plots and murder; a world of ghosts from the past, winners and losers, each and every one on a collision course with destiny.
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Bob Dylan, Larry Charles
High Fliers
Drama, Music & Musicals
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Run Time:
100 minutes
English LPCM Stereo
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (2) of Masked and Anonymous

Deserves to have been taken more seriously - Masked and Anonymous review by VC

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I've given this film 5 stars - maybe it doesn't deserve that many but it certainly deserves more credit than it's ever got. I don't know how much Dylan had to do with the appearance of the film, but I was very struck how the visual detail - a kaleidescope of gypsy colours and shots of every facet of humanity - made me think of the lyrics to Desolation Row. The whole thing in fact is like a Dylan song. You aren't quite sure what it all means, red herrings thrown in here and there, half hidden bits of humour, possibley deeper observations on life, but you aren't quite sure. Yes it's a bit of a mess - like Dylan himself. I enjoyed watching it because it's not like other films, because it's visually facinating with it's detail and colour and humanity, and it made me think a bit more than most films do

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Odd but brilliant - Masked and Anonymous review by MT

Spoiler Alert

This is a film depicting life under a dystopic authoritarian regime that rules someplace in North America. Everyone is armed, there are gangs, security gates everywhere -- an exagerrated version of elements of today's reality. In between the mindless violence, there are Shakesperean philosophical references uttered by unlikely people. Bob Dylan and his music fit the role beautifully.

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