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Succession is an American drama TV series starring the acting talents of Hiam Abbass as Marcia Roy, Nicholas Braun playing Greg Hirsch, Brian Cox as Logan Roy, and Kieran Culkin playing Roman Roy, among other actors. In it, the members of a dysfunctional American global-media family have at one another with their bickering, backstabbing, and double-crossing, whilst also forming unusual alliances and keeping their enemies closer than their apparent friends.
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Dara Schnapper, Gabrielle Mahon, Regina Heyman, Jonathan Filley, Will Tracy, Holly S. Rymon
Jesse Armstrong
Jesse Armstrong, Alice Birch, Tony Roche, Susan Soon He Stanton, Will Tracy, Jonathan Glatzer, Anna Jordan, Georgia Pritchett, Lucy Prebble, Jon Brown, Mary Laws
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Reviews (3) of Succession

Best thing on TV in the last 12 months - Succession review by GB

Spoiler Alert

Took a couple of episodes to get into, but once you're in the tension, and comedy, start ratcheting up. Famously, none of the characters are really likeable, this is a drama (loosely based on the Murdoch media dynasty, with aq bit of /trumpo thrown in) which looks at how a rich and powerful family can time itself in knots about who has power and influence.

The fact the show runner used to work on The Thick of it and Veep shows as there's a lot of very sharp dialogue, and some cracking gags too. Can' wait for season 2. 

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Can't understand the hype - Succession review by CH

Spoiler Alert

Hated this. Series of unpleasant characters trying to get one over on each other. One episode was quite enough. And I watched the whole of The Wire, twice.

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Top Tier Series - Succession review by GJ

Spoiler Alert

A fantastic series . Each episode is enthralling from start to finish with great writing , acting and direction.

I would give this 4.8 out of 5 if i could . I hope this series retains its high quality throughout the rest of its run.

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