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Eddie Marsan plays John May, a council worker tasked with tracing the relations of those who have passed away alone. When he is one day made redundant he throws all of his energy at the last case on his desk, a war veteran who also happens to be his neighbour. As he searches for the people who once shared this man's chaotic life, his own ordered existence opens up to new and unexpected experiences.
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Uberto Pasolini, Felix Vossen, Christopher Simon
Uberto Pasolini
Artificial Eye Film Company Ltd.
Comedy, Drama
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88 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.85:1
  • The Making of Still Life
  • Interview with Uberto Pasolini, Eddie Marsan and Joanne Froggatt
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Reviews (8) of Still Life

Quiet calm - Still Life review by JD

Spoiler Alert

This is a completely absorbing insight into a man who is unemotional, undramatic, quiet and enjoys solitude. This is not a mainstream film. Get this if you want a calm journey into the mind of a simple man, not if you want a high octane romp. Eddie Marsan is one of a few actors who could act in such a subdued and subtle way. Very different to some of his previous stuff.

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Slight, contrived, TV-drama-like film but with the ever-excellent Eddie Marsan - Still Life review by PV

Spoiler Alert

This is a very slight film and rather stagey. It is more like a BBC2 drama, and is not cinematic really.

Eddie Marsan is excellent as usual, though I could never really believe the character or job role either - both seem over-calculated by the writer, as a framework on which to hang a rather unbelievable plot.

Some very wooden acting in this film, esp from some of the Asian actors. Couldn't work out the ages of ex-soldiers too - some look about 80 years apparently served in the army in 1981-2. Odd.

Hated the ending, though the religious may choose to differ.

Some good scenes but a very little curiosity piece all in all. Not nearly as profound or good as it thinks it is. C grade stuff.

Just about 3 stars at a push. Without Eddie Marsan, 1-2 stars.

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Masterful understated performance - Still Life review by GD

Spoiler Alert

I love this film. It won't be for everyone. Eddie Marsan's acting is an absolute triumph of understated brilliance. Meticulously observed scenes and a wonderful little story. Also made me laugh out loud more times than so-called comedies.

I loved the ending - nothing religious about it (see PV review). I think they call it symbolic realism.

Thoughtful, thought provoking and beautiful.

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